A good headshot shows you are you really are. My goal is to capture a shot that truly looks like you. I don't use a heavy hand in Photoshop, and I encourage minimal makeup and hair styling. My years of experience directing and casting my own content has led me to understand that the ideal headshot shows you on your best looking day, nothing more.

Shoots last for 60-90 minutes. You receive 3 retouched photos. Indoor or outdoor, the choice is yours.

I am 100% open to requests. If you want half the shots with your glasses on and the other half without, let me know.  If you're looking for something less traditional and out-of-the-box, I am happy to collaborate.


Some general things to keep in mind: 

  • Bring as many shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. as you can. The more the better.
  •  Plain is better. Solid colors, muted, pastels, all are great. We want simplicity.
  • Avoid patterns, stripes, plaid; anything that is busy and can distract from your face. 
  • Shirts that show off the region below their neck tend to be very flattering. Think v-necks, tank tops, etc.
  • In the preceding days, get an acceptable amount of sleep and stay hydrated. This will make your skin look healthier, avoid puffiness under the eyes, and make for a more enjoyable shoot. 

$250 for 90 minute sessions, as many wardrobe changes as you'd like, and 3 retouched shots.